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Field Heat Treating


Team’s Field Heat Treating services can be precisely applied to components ranging from small, complex fittings to massive pressure vessels. Experienced Team technicians manage the heat-treating flow and temperature requirements onto your hardware and equipment with pinpoint precision.

The Team Advantage
  • Team has heat treated more vessels and pipe welds than any other company in the world
  • Team has completed more high-velocity combustion heating projects than any other heat-treating company in the world
  • Team features state-of-the-art burners for heating – 100°F over ambient to 2,600°F
  • Team uses NIST-traceable recorders and thermocouples
  • Team is the only field heat treating company with in-house engineering
  • Team provides technicians experienced in critical heat-treating applications


  • Welding preheats
  • Post weld heat treatments
  • Hydrogen bake-outs
  • Temporary furnaces
  • Line thawing
  • Coating cures
  • Expansions
  • Space heating
  • Turbine warming systems
  • Equipment sales/rentals
  • Equipment calibration and service


Pressure Piping

  • Preheat and Post Weld Heat Treating (PWHT)


Fab Shops

  • Prefabricated pipe spools


Caustic Service Piping

  • Hydrogen out-gas, preheat and post weld heat treating (PWHT)


Pressure Vessel Repairs

  • Preheat and PWHT per code requirements


Caustic Service Vessels

  • Hydrogen out-gas, preheat and PWHT


Furnace/Convection Heaters

  • Preheat and PWHT on chrome tube repairs



  • Headers
  • Tube repairs


Heat Exchangers

  • Tube sheets
  • U-Bends
  • Vessel walls


Refractory Linings

  • Reactors
  • Furnaces
  • Cat duct work


Protective coatings

  • Installed on vessels and tanks


Line thaws

  • Frozen product in lines or vessels


Heat Treating Engineering Services
Structural Integrity Analysis

  • Tower weight and wind load analysis per ASCE
  • Bullet saddle support per Zick analysis


Custom Equipment Design and Manufacturing

  • Gas combustion furnaces
  • Electric resistance furnaces
  • Multi-zone power and control (PAC) consoles
  • Turbine warming systems


Heat Transfer Analysis

  • Pipe flow heating thermal power requirements
  • Temperature gradient determination
  • Thermal finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Vessel / pipe thawing power requirements
  • Vessel heating thermal power requirements


Engineered Thermal Process Procedures

  • In accordance with ASME / API / AWS / NBIC / AAR codes
  • AutoCAD drawings of thermocouple and heater location
  • Custom procedures per client requirements


Industry Codes
  • ASME BPVC Sections I, III, VIII, and XI
  • ASME B31.1 and B31.3
  • DOT and MIL specifications


Quality Products

HydroPro designs, manufactures and sells its own line of hydraulic tube expansion equipment and related products tailored for use in the heat exchanger and boiler fabrication and repair markets.

ATTENTION HydroPro Inc. has developed a new system and tooling that sets the tube protrusion, centers the tube and locks the tube in the tubesheet hole, while leaving small air gaps that allow an escape path for weld gases during the welding process. This tooling was designed to meet the needs of customers using orbital welders to weld their tube-to-tubesheet joints. The WeldLock system and tooling can also used to set tubes when utilizing manual welding procedures.

What is Hydraulic Expansion?

Hydraulic expansion is the direct application of a high internal hydraulic pressure within a tube or sleeve in order to form a tight joint between the tube and the tubesheet or a tight seal between the sleeve and the tube. Specifically, high pressure water is captured inside a tube but within the tubesheet. As pressure increases the tube goes into plastic deformation until it makes contact with the tube hole. Additional pressure stresses the ligament but always within the ligaments elastic range. When pressure is released the result is a tight interfacial fit between the O.D. of the tube and the I.D. of the hole.


Why Hydro-Expand?

There are four main benefits to hydroexpanding

  1. No stepexpanding – Any thickness of tubesheet can be expanded in one quick operation.
  2. Minimal work hardening of the tube material during expansion means that even difficult tube materials such as titanium or superduplex stainless can be easily expanded successfully.
  3. Less wall reduction and less stress concentration from the expanded to the unexpanded portion of the tube results in longer tube life.
  4. Improved quality – each tube expansion is controlled by the system parameters and not influenced by the operator.

Why Choose HydroPro?

HydroPro continues to be the world leader in Hydraulic expansion technology, systems and tooling. HydroPro is totally committed to provide our customers technically superior, cost effective products and services in a timely manner.

Company Profile

HydroPro, inc. is a California corporation with Engineering & Manufacturing located in Bourbon, Missouri.

Since our founding as a corporation in 1998, HydroPro has been committed exclusively to the development and production of quality products and services for the hydraulic tube expansion market.

Our commitments go well beyond our own products’ developments. We feel it essential that each HydroPro customer be successful in the implementation and use of our technology and equipment. We focus on the smallest details prior to a sale assuring an applications success as well as a comprehensive training program after a sale.

Finally HydroPro has established an on-going product improvement and development program thereby insuring our customers only state-of-the-art products for all their tube expansion applications.

CAR-BER Testing

Products & Services

Hydrostatic Isolation Tool

The CAR-BER hydrostatic isolation system safely isolates downstream areas, where “hot” work is in progress, from potentially hazardous materials upstream of the work area and safely diverts such materials off-site and “out of harm’s way”. The hydrodynamic features of the CAR-BER isolation system prevents the transfer of heat from the downstream work area to the upstream portion of the pipe thus reducing the amount of toxic materials (hydrocarbons etc.) released from the upstream portion of the pipe – no exposure to serious health hazards! and; in the case of explosive materials, eliminating the possibility of explosion – no ball of fire!

Hydrostatic Weld Test Tool

The CAR-BER hydrostatic weld testing tool can be inserted into the open end of a flange, pipe or tube; centred over the weld to be tested and pressurized with relative ease (the tool is light in weight – no cranes or specialized lifting equipment required) and with a safety factor that is compromised only by the workplace environment and/or the personnel conducting the test. The CAR-BER test tool by itself; the methodology to testing; as well as the volume of medium; offers no threat to safety and/or environment whatsoever.

H&S Tool Special Machining

mtpThe patented Multi-Prep cutter can clean the tube O.D., remove waterwall membranes and place an O.D. bevel all in a single pass. Go to the Multi-Prep® web site for details.



The model OD can clean tube I.D. and remove rifling quickly with our patented Multi-Prep® cutter.


Offset center shafts are available on certain models to enable clad removal from a singel tube side.


Profile beveling heads shape and bevel tube ends simultaneously.


The model MS can be outfitted to safely remove stubs from headers.


Long-reach Multi-Prep® heads remove fins and clean the O.D. quickly and safely.


I.D. Mount


Split-Frame O.D. Mount Machines

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Split Frame Clamshells

12-inch-severH & S Tool

U.S. Patent #7,690,238 Awarded for Motor Mount Design!

Watch The Short Demo Video

1″ – 56″ (25.4 – 1422.4 mm)

The AFC series of split frame clamshells has been developed with the direct input of field machinists to create the premier machining tool to sever, bevel and square tubes and pipes from 1″ to 56″ O. D.

These unique tools have patent-pending features such as bearing design, safety tripper mechanism and motor mount. The low- clearance design utilizes locator pads with a full 3/4″ (19.1 mm) adjustment. This is double what others offer and dramatically reduce the number of extensions required for the full range of the model.

Strong and Rigid

Each of our 18 models are strong and rigid for durability and amazing machining accuracy. These tools are engineered to minimize weight and ease handling and alignment.

Smooth, reliable power is delivered by pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors. We have eliminated the need for extra motors and conversion components when swapping from one motor type to another. The only ones available like this.

2″, 4″ and 7″ tool slides, an out-of-round tool slide, front and right-angle motor adapters, counter bore heads and a full compliment of the highest quality, resharpenable cutting tools round out our list of productivity – improving accessories.


Click to download the Specifications Catalog
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After years of research and discussions with field machining professionals, H&S Tool introduced these advanced split-frame O.D. mount pipe machines in 2009.
These tools have quickly become the preferred choice for severing, beveling and squaring pipes from 1″ to 56″ O.D. (25.4 to 1422.4 mm). The AFC series covers sizes from 1″ to 42″ (25.4 to 1066.8 mm). Our heavier duty BFC series starts at 48″ (1219.2 mm).
Greater reliability is realized with our heavy duty gear box featuring the patent-applied-for outboard bearing and patented pocket-mounting to the body. Strength, rigidity and reduced weight are accomplished with our aluminum frame. Lower overall investment is required due to our unique locator pad full 3/4″ (19 mm) travel adjustment which reduces the number of extensions needed to cover the full range and our complete non-size specific parts interchangeability across the full model line.
Rental or purchase, the machines are loaded with time-saving, work-saving, profit-building features that are not available on any others.
clamshells-4The patent-pending tripper mechanism has been designed for safety and ease of use. The extended handle for engagement and disengagement keeps hands clear of rotating components. clamshells5Maximum reliability is assured with the patent-pending gear box that features a front bearing to support the motor drive shaft, the patented pocket mount and our patent-pending ring mounted bearing design.
clamshells-6The precision machined aluminum frame delivers rigidity and minimizes weight without compromising strength. clamshells-7Unique to H&S, our locator pads have a full 3/4″ (19 mm) travel adjustment per pad which minimizes the number of pads required to cover the full working range.
clamshells-8The entire line of H&S split-frame O.D. mount machines was designed for parts interchangeability. Non size-specific parts are common from the smallest to the largest model. This reduces the amount of parts inventory required and allows swapping from one machine to another in the field in the event of a malfunction.

Bevel, square, sever and perform many other machining projects for individual and in-line tubes and pipes – powered by pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors.

Tube and Pipe Experts

Tube & Pipe Experts Offering solutions to your maintenance requirements on all diameters ..8 mm to …3 Meters +

PENNVINT offers a complete line of tube & pipe products and services to our valued representatives, contractors, plant maintenance team and boiler / HE manufacturers. We offer the finest package of weld preparation and pipe installation equipment as well as the ability to provide project management and onsite field service expertise as required.

Call us or our local representative before your project planning, next outage / scheduled maintenance or in case of an emergency shutdown. We can often have deliveries next day / 2 day delivery if necessary.

If it is necessary to bring in certain experts for a project, our relationships with the finest field service providers allows us to manage multiple phases of your project on time, under budget. Our field technicians are there to support your people on field machining, pipe cutting and beveling, tube repair or replacement, heat treating, hydrotesting, and more.. We rent or sell the equipment but also offer field technicians to either perform the work, assist local contractors or train your team. Contact us for more information !

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