Filter Bags

Polyester, Polypropylene, Fiberglass, Aramid, Nomex®, Ryton®, Pulse-Jet Bags and many other materials.


Pulse-Jet Bags

PENNVINT supplies pulse-jet and plenum pulse filter bags. These bags use support cages to allow air flow from the exterior of the bag and exiting through the interior. Our bags are sewn with 3 – needle chain stitch to ensure seam integrity. Top constructions consist of snap band, flange top, ring top, soft cuffs or raw edge. Bottom removal bags are constructed with a raw top or soft cuff. Top and bottom removal bag bottoms have disc bottoms that are sewn using an overlock (surge) stitch or lock stitch. A wear strip or custom skirts is attached to the bottom portion of the bag to prevent premature wear from bag-to-bag and bag-to-cage abrasion.


Shaker Bags

We provide a wide variety of filter bags for use in shaker type collectors. We manufacture bags from woven and shaker felt. Pennvint will recommend the media that will provide you the performance you expect from your shaker unit. We offer various types of top attachments to work with the shaker mechanism you have, whether it is loop, hanger, strap, grommet or we may help you design one to fit your needs. Our bottom attachments can be made with snapbands, corded cuffs or reinforced cuffs for extra wear protection.We can also supply clamps for the standard cuff bottoms, as well as other hardware.


Reverse-Air Bags

PENNVINT has a wide variety of reverse air bags. Typical top designs are strap top, loop top, cord top cuff, compression band tops with steel caps or grommet top bags. Bottom include raw edge, cuffed, compression band or beaded cuff. Anti-collapse rings of mild steel, stainless steel and other alloys are placed along the bag at the proper points for maximum cleaning efficiency. PENNVINT supplies clamps for the cuff bottoms.


Custom Bags

Besides the common filter bags, PENNVINT is capable of producing custom filter bags and envelope style bags for your dust collector. We engineer & recommend custom materials from our textile mill that will improve your baghouse performance and improve problem applications.


Welded Seam Bags

Needle holes in the vertical seam of a filter bag can be a conduit for fine particulate bleed through. In order to give you the most efficient filter possible, PENNVINT supplies one piece welded filter tubes. This fusing of the filter eliminates fine particle migration through needle holes in the vertical seam, allowing the entire filter tube surface to operate at a higher efficiency. We offer these filters in Polyester, Polypropylene and Ryton®.