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KAM Controls Fuel Management Systems

KAM CONTROLS INCORPORATED is a “Solutions” oriented manufacturer of a complete line of quality measurement instruments for Sampling and Fuel Management since 1983. KAM markets extend to Production, Gathering, Crude Oil Pipeline, Marine Terminal, Refining, Refined Petroleum Pipeline and Distribution.

KAMĀ® instruments meet or exceed all of the latest API, ASTM, EI and ISO measurement standards.

KAM CONTROLS INC has an impressive list of End Users that have shared the benefits of operating our equipment, some have even been willing to report significant operating cost savings. One company operating a KAM Marine Crude Oil Sampling System reported savings of near $1 million in the first year of operation, this was due to more accurate determination of “Net Oil”. Similar success stories exist at other Marine Terminals.

The experience and knowledge gained by KAM Engineers over the past twenty years enable us to design, manufacture, commission and above all understand customers’ specific requirements. This ensures that KAM delivers an effective and efficient system providing the customer with the lowest operating cost for maximum profit.

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