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September 15, 2013
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September 15, 2013

Split Frame Clamshells

12-inch-severH & S Tool

U.S. Patent #7,690,238 Awarded for Motor Mount Design!

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1″ – 56″ (25.4 – 1422.4 mm)

The AFC series of split frame clamshells has been developed with the direct input of field machinists to create the premier machining tool to sever, bevel and square tubes and pipes from 1″ to 56″ O. D.

These unique tools have patent-pending features such as bearing design, safety tripper mechanism and motor mount. The low- clearance design utilizes locator pads with a full 3/4″ (19.1 mm) adjustment. This is double what others offer and dramatically reduce the number of extensions required for the full range of the model.

Strong and Rigid

Each of our 18 models are strong and rigid for durability and amazing machining accuracy. These tools are engineered to minimize weight and ease handling and alignment.

Smooth, reliable power is delivered by pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors. We have eliminated the need for extra motors and conversion components when swapping from one motor type to another. The only ones available like this.

2″, 4″ and 7″ tool slides, an out-of-round tool slide, front and right-angle motor adapters, counter bore heads and a full compliment of the highest quality, resharpenable cutting tools round out our list of productivity – improving accessories.


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After years of research and discussions with field machining professionals, H&S Tool introduced these advanced split-frame O.D. mount pipe machines in 2009.
These tools have quickly become the preferred choice for severing, beveling and squaring pipes from 1″ to 56″ O.D. (25.4 to 1422.4 mm). The AFC series covers sizes from 1″ to 42″ (25.4 to 1066.8 mm). Our heavier duty BFC series starts at 48″ (1219.2 mm).
Greater reliability is realized with our heavy duty gear box featuring the patent-applied-for outboard bearing and patented pocket-mounting to the body. Strength, rigidity and reduced weight are accomplished with our aluminum frame. Lower overall investment is required due to our unique locator pad full 3/4″ (19 mm) travel adjustment which reduces the number of extensions needed to cover the full range and our complete non-size specific parts interchangeability across the full model line.
Rental or purchase, the machines are loaded with time-saving, work-saving, profit-building features that are not available on any others.
clamshells-4The patent-pending tripper mechanism has been designed for safety and ease of use. The extended handle for engagement and disengagement keeps hands clear of rotating components. clamshells5Maximum reliability is assured with the patent-pending gear box that features a front bearing to support the motor drive shaft, the patented pocket mount and our patent-pending ring mounted bearing design.
clamshells-6The precision machined aluminum frame delivers rigidity and minimizes weight without compromising strength. clamshells-7Unique to H&S, our locator pads have a full 3/4″ (19 mm) travel adjustment per pad which minimizes the number of pads required to cover the full working range.
clamshells-8The entire line of H&S split-frame O.D. mount machines was designed for parts interchangeability. Non size-specific parts are common from the smallest to the largest model. This reduces the amount of parts inventory required and allows swapping from one machine to another in the field in the event of a malfunction.

Bevel, square, sever and perform many other machining projects for individual and in-line tubes and pipes – powered by pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors.

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