Engineering Services  – On site dust control environment evaluations / Expertise and latest technology to test existing conditions to form report and recommendations to improve ambient air, process conditions and return product to the process.

We have assembled the finest of North American engineering expertise to offer a complete dust control solution to maintain and improve the performance of our customer’s operating systems.
The solution is the service !

PENNVINT offers local maintenance of these systems through our local partners to offer our mining and cement customers a truly unique, complete dust solution.  Assembling the total solution to you the customer starts with evaluating the solution, recommending the OEM /manufacturer through commissioning and support by local service.  This is the only way to keep your process operational at peak performance.   PENNVINT dust solutions that are reliable and performing up to expectations.   As part of our package we offer:

  • DCT –  Dust Control Technologies – Dust Suppression systems
  • Scientific Dust Collectors  –  Dust collectors
  • Durovac –   Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum systems
  • Redkoh – ESP Controls and spares
  • Datatest – (CEMS) Opacity Monitors, Combustion & Gas Monitors
  • Wind Screens
  • Auburn Environmental-    Triboelectric Dust collector monitors / Broken bag detectors
  • Mine Ventilation – Studies, evaluation, Fans, equipment supply.
  • Dust Collector Accessories –  Filter bags, cages, dp monitors, solenoids, controls.  Many items in stock and ready for overnight delivery anywhere in the world.
  • Fox Venturi Eductors – Eductor vs. Rotary Air lock – Maintenance free operation
  • Wind Screens


  • Control and reduction of lost product
  • Return valuable lost product such as COPPER, GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER  etc.  back into the process
  • Environmental standards improvement to meet MSHA / Local standards
  • Protect and Extend wear life on capital equipment and spare parts.  Cost savings on moving components..bearings, idlers, belts, control systems.
  • Quality of life / Good housekeeping

The benefits of proper housekeeping may be best measured simply by the quality of life a healthy working environment can offer.  The health and safety improvements benefit those on site while providing the company a clear path in maintaining sustainable growth. PENNVINT, 20 years experience supplying dust solutions to a variety of industries worldwide.

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