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September 15, 2013
September 15, 2013

CAR-BER Testing

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Hydrostatic Isolation Tool

The CAR-BER hydrostatic isolation system safely isolates downstream areas, where “hot” work is in progress, from potentially hazardous materials upstream of the work area and safely diverts such materials off-site and “out of harm’s way”. The hydrodynamic features of the CAR-BER isolation system prevents the transfer of heat from the downstream work area to the upstream portion of the pipe thus reducing the amount of toxic materials (hydrocarbons etc.) released from the upstream portion of the pipe – no exposure to serious health hazards! and; in the case of explosive materials, eliminating the possibility of explosion – no ball of fire!

Hydrostatic Weld Test Tool

The CAR-BER hydrostatic weld testing tool can be inserted into the open end of a flange, pipe or tube; centred over the weld to be tested and pressurized with relative ease (the tool is light in weight – no cranes or specialized lifting equipment required) and with a safety factor that is compromised only by the workplace environment and/or the personnel conducting the test. The CAR-BER test tool by itself; the methodology to testing; as well as the volume of medium; offers no threat to safety and/or environment whatsoever.

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