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September 15, 2013
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September 15, 2013


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HydroPro designs, manufactures and sells its own line of hydraulic tube expansion equipment and related products tailored for use in the heat exchanger and boiler fabrication and repair markets.

ATTENTION HydroPro Inc. has developed a new system and tooling that sets the tube protrusion, centers the tube and locks the tube in the tubesheet hole, while leaving small air gaps that allow an escape path for weld gases during the welding process. This tooling was designed to meet the needs of customers using orbital welders to weld their tube-to-tubesheet joints. The WeldLock system and tooling can also used to set tubes when utilizing manual welding procedures.

What is Hydraulic Expansion?

Hydraulic expansion is the direct application of a high internal hydraulic pressure within a tube or sleeve in order to form a tight joint between the tube and the tubesheet or a tight seal between the sleeve and the tube. Specifically, high pressure water is captured inside a tube but within the tubesheet. As pressure increases the tube goes into plastic deformation until it makes contact with the tube hole. Additional pressure stresses the ligament but always within the ligaments elastic range. When pressure is released the result is a tight interfacial fit between the O.D. of the tube and the I.D. of the hole.


Why Hydro-Expand?

There are four main benefits to hydroexpanding

  1. No stepexpanding – Any thickness of tubesheet can be expanded in one quick operation.
  2. Minimal work hardening of the tube material during expansion means that even difficult tube materials such as titanium or superduplex stainless can be easily expanded successfully.
  3. Less wall reduction and less stress concentration from the expanded to the unexpanded portion of the tube results in longer tube life.
  4. Improved quality – each tube expansion is controlled by the system parameters and not influenced by the operator.

Why Choose HydroPro?

HydroPro continues to be the world leader in Hydraulic expansion technology, systems and tooling. HydroPro is totally committed to provide our customers technically superior, cost effective products and services in a timely manner.

Company Profile

HydroPro, inc. is a California corporation with Engineering & Manufacturing located in Bourbon, Missouri.

Since our founding as a corporation in 1998, HydroPro has been committed exclusively to the development and production of quality products and services for the hydraulic tube expansion market.

Our commitments go well beyond our own products’ developments. We feel it essential that each HydroPro customer be successful in the implementation and use of our technology and equipment. We focus on the smallest details prior to a sale assuring an applications success as well as a comprehensive training program after a sale.

Finally HydroPro has established an on-going product improvement and development program thereby insuring our customers only state-of-the-art products for all their tube expansion applications.

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