Dust Monitors

Parametric Manager

Auburn pioneered the use of electrostatic/triboelectric (TRIBO) continuous emission monitor (CEM) technology to measure dust, powders, and bulk solids for environmental and process control applications.

Auburn remains the leading supplier of broken bag detectors, dust monitors, and bag leak detection systems for monitoring fabric filter baghouses, cartridge collectors, or any industrial dust collection system. We have more than 35,000 systems operating in the field at more than 5,000 diverse materials processing plants, world-wide, including: steel, cement, power generation, metallurgy, assorted foundries, food processing, pharmaceutical processing, and more.


Auburn Dust Monitors AUBURN.vision™ Parametric Manager

While emission monitoring instruments can collect useful, but isolated, data, existing factory automation software products are focused on process control and production, and are not designed for emission monitoring and reporting. We have developed emissions monitoring information systems to meet these needs. The AUBURN.vision Parametric Manager organizes information and provides compliance reports for a large num- ber of parametric measuring devices: emissions control systems; differential pressure; bin level; temperature; fan amps; and various maintenance and ancillary manufacturing activities-while eliminating costly programming.


TRIBO.dgd™ Continuous Emissions Monitor (Model 9000)

TRIBO.dgd is the first all-digital, dual channel, OPC compatible, dust collector monitor- ing system for real-time bag leak/broken bag detection. It features a real time display, wide dynamic range and a digital signal processor (DSP) operating system, eliminating the need to manually set monitoring ranges. It provides bag leak/broken bag detection and location while simultaneously monitoring selected parameters (i.e. velocity, differen- tial pressure, motor amps). TRIBO.dgd functions as a stand-alone system or can be connected to a PC or Ethernet network providing advanced capabilities for more com- prehensive dust collector maintenance and monitoring.


Datahub Systems

For non-PLC applications, this configuration is powered by the TRIBO.dgd serving as a data-hub. By using several datahubs, a large monitoring network can be created while minimizing wiring/installation costs. Dedicated software provides recording and alarm or event monitoring functions for communication via Serial or Ethernet connection.


TRIBO.d2™ (Model 3400)

Two-wire (loop powered), 4-20mA output, emissions monitor The TRIBO.d2 is a two wire, loop powered, emissions monitor for high or low tempera- ture applications, designed to detect and locate impending filter malfunctions for indus- trial dust collectors, large and small. These industrial hardened monitors function by processing and analyzing minute electrical currents generated when particles impact or pass nearby strategically located sensors within a wide variety of fabric filter and car


TRIBO.guard™ II (Model 4002) Bag Leak/Broken Bag Detector and Dust Monitor

The TRIBO.guard 4002 Dust Monitor detects filter failures and monitors exhaust ducts. The TRIBO.guard 4002 has a 0-100% bar graph display and a continuous 4-20mA ana- log output, which can be wired to a recording device or PLC, etc. It is simple to use and can be combined with the TRIBO.prevent Dual Alarm System or TRIBO.trac Leak Locator System to provide more monitoring capability. Available in both Remote Sensor(NEMA 4/7/9) or Integral Sensor (NEMA 4) enclosures with window front. CE Approved.


TRIBO.guard™ I (Model 4001) Bag Leak/Broken Bag Detector

The TRIBO.guard 4001 Broken Bag Detector monitors exhaust ducts to detect filter fail- ures and includes a dry relay contact output. The LED indicators, customer alarm level and time delay controls make the TRIBO.guard 4001 a simple yet reliable broken bag detector. Available in both Remote Sensor (NEMA 4/7/9) or Integral Sensor (NEMA 4) enclosures. Optional window front enclosure is also available. CE Approved.


TRIBO.trac™ Leak Locator System

The TRIBO.trac Leak Locator System pinpoints the compartment or row where a filter failure has occurred when used with any Auburn 4-20mA analog output particulate emis- sions monitor. TRIBO.trac provides both early warning and high level alarms via two independent relay contacts. TRIBO.trac is an optional feature in the TRIBO.dgd Monitoring System.


TRIBO.prevent™ Dual Alarm System

TRIBO.prevent Dual Alarm System provides remote early warning and high level warn- ing alarms by comparing set points with 4-20mA analog output of emissions levels from any Auburn triboelectric monitor.