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Since 1984 Pennvint has worked to develop strategic relationships throughout the world to best serve the customer, our representatives, distributors, and our valued suppliers. We accomplished this by listening to customer needs and consistently doing what it takes to get the project done correctly and on time to meet expectations.

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September 15, 2013

Team Industrial Services

Field Heat Treating   Team’s Field Heat Treating services can be precisely applied to components ranging from small, complex fittings to massive pressure vessels. Experienced Team technicians manage the heat-treating flow and temperature requirements onto your hardware and equipment with pinpoint precision. The Team Advantage Team has heat treated more vessels and pipe welds than any other company in the […]
September 15, 2013


Quality Products HydroPro designs, manufactures and sells its own line of hydraulic tube expansion equipment and related products tailored for use in the heat exchanger and boiler fabrication and repair markets. ATTENTION HydroPro Inc. has developed a new system and tooling that sets the tube protrusion, centers the tube and locks the tube in the tubesheet hole, while leaving […]
September 15, 2013

CAR-BER Testing

Products & Services Hydrostatic Isolation Tool The CAR-BER hydrostatic isolation system safely isolates downstream areas, where “hot” work is in progress, from potentially hazardous materials upstream of the work area and safely diverts such materials off-site and “out of harm’s way”. The hydrodynamic features of the CAR-BER isolation system prevents the transfer of heat from the downstream work area […]
September 15, 2013

H&S Tool Special Machining

The patented Multi-Prep cutter can clean the tube O.D., remove waterwall membranes and place an O.D. bevel all in a single pass. Go to the Multi-Prep® web site for details.   The model OD can clean tube I.D. and remove rifling quickly with our patented Multi-Prep® cutter. Offset center shafts are available on certain models to enable clad removal […]
September 15, 2013

Split Frame Clamshells

H & S Tool U.S. Patent #7,690,238 Awarded for Motor Mount Design! Watch The Short Demo Video 1″ – 56″ (25.4 – 1422.4 mm) The AFC series of split frame clamshells has been developed with the direct input of field machinists to create the premier machining tool to sever, bevel and square tubes and pipes from 1″ to 56″ […]
September 15, 2013

Tube and Pipe Experts

Tube & Pipe Experts Offering solutions to your maintenance requirements on all diameters ..8 mm to …3 Meters + PENNVINT offers a complete line of tube & pipe products and services to our valued representatives, contractors, plant maintenance team and boiler / HE manufacturers. We offer the finest package of weld preparation and pipe installation equipment as well as […]
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