FC Collector
September 15, 2013
SL Collector
September 15, 2013

SL-HR Collector

Scientific Dust Collectors (SL-HR) Horizontal High-Ratio Collector is designed to operate at double the air volume of other cartridge collectors. It utilizes the patented supersonic nozzle cleaning system, internal inlet air baffle, and patented spring-loaded door for filter removal, NO TOOLS REQUIRED! This special horizontal cartridge collector is specifically engineer to operate at higher filtration velocities. Using a carefully engineered evase and cleaning nozzle, this series is state of the art in terms of its operating capabilities. This all welded design is used on a wide variety of dusts. As with the SL series, the SL-HR also provides numerous hopper discharge accessories such as 55-gallon drums, slidegates, rotary airlocks, double dump valves and super sack discharge arrangements.

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