Horizontal Collector
September 15, 2013

Insert Collector

Scientific Dust Collectors’ Supersonic Pulse Jet Insert (SPJ-I) Collector is designed for conveyors, tanks, silos, air slides, cyclones, and bins. This self-contained dust collector is integrated into a current enclosure allowing dust to be retained where it is generated and can be custom designed to meet specific needs. It utilizes the patented supersonic nozzle cleaning system which allows for longer filter life while operating at higher air-to-cloth ratios, lower pressure drops, and provide longer filter life. This special design is often used as a retrofit fix to an existing baghouse, where the hopper and dirty air bins are in good working order. The customer either wants to increase the bag life, reduce the system pressure on the fan, or increase airflow through the baghouse. SDC’s retrofit design allows these changes to be effectively made in all baghouses, including baghouses made by other manufacturers. By providing our clean air section (insert) the customer obtains all the benefits of our cleaning technology at a reduced cost.

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